A Love for The Craft

Capturing Magic Through Weaving

When I was a little girl, my mother gave piano and voice lessons in her home studio. One of my fondest memories is lying on the beautiful area rug on the studio floor as Mom taught her young students. I’d listen, read a picture book, and lose myself in the rug’s colorful patterns and luxurious texture.

My affection for textiles has lasted all my life, and I’ve avidly collected them on my travels to Mexico, Japan, Nepal, and Greece. I learned to weave in college, and afterwards went to Japan to study the art of silk kimono weaving, kasuri (tying and dyeing threads in intricate patterns before weaving), and natural indigo dyeing. I wove for many years after that, then a career in graphic arts, and a family, put my weaving on hold for a time.

But I recently rediscovered my love for the craft. I learned that our local historical museum has an 1890’s traveling loom, and I volunteered to weave rugs for them. Later, I was generously gifted a loom by another volunteer, and started weaving rugs in my home.

My eco-friendly handwoven rugs are made using recycled Pendleton Mills wool selvage (the raw edges trimmed from Pendleton blankets) and cotton warp. The Pendleton wool’s vibrant colors, rich textures, and fine quality impart a brilliant look and luxurious feel to each rug.

My rugs are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition creations, in part due to the limited availability of any particular color of the Pendleton selvage. Taking from my background in textiles, sculpture, painting, and graphic arts, I blend a colorful, modern aesthetic with the traditional art of handweaving. My mission is to brighten homes with beautiful, durable, and sustainable handwoven rugs.

 Kathy Marty


I was recently interviewed by Craft Pro Quo, a lovely repurposed home and garden decor website. Thank you, Becky, for your insightful article!